Day -1

Day -1 !! Tomorrow my new track drops everywhere and I’m impatient and very happy to be sharing it with you. Sharing is everything 🙂 By posting here I’m not asking you to buy it, I’m not trying to manipulate you to do anything, I’m only sharing my excitement for a new understanding I have of life, a new us, to share with you my dream of a much kinder world and to celebrate this superfun ride that life is!

Now if you insist, you can always pre-save the track in Spotify here that way you can sit back, relax and the music will come to you as if by (digitalonlinealgorhyhmicbots) magic 🙂

Have a fun day!

About Laura B

French female electronic music producer, founder of the label Fantastic Recordings. Well known for having worked with Pink Floyd, Pet Shop Boys, Spice Girls and for her career as a solo female artist at the Big Chill festival and for being part of London's global electronic scene. She has appeared on numerous compilations worldwide, collaborated with BJ Cole, The Verbrilli Sound, toured Europe, the US, Japan, and India. Her music is played on BBC1, BBC4, Radio, Tate Britain, MOMA, ICA, Virgin Atlantic and in Habitat stores. Laura handles all the studio gadgetry by herself, she firmly believes in the unlimited power of music. Latest release: 'The music Will Break Thru Anyway' digital release out on Fantastic Recordings, available in all digital outlets ‘Her textured atmospherica and lush cinematica recalls Aphex Twin circa the historic Selected Ambient Works, layers of synthesized vocals and sounds billowing across the stereo range. File next to: Aphex Twin, Mira Calix, Air, Delia Derbyshire’ The Guardian ‘A unique talent in the ascendant. Fly by night.’ The Big Chill
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