Multi-speakers installation travels to Bristol for a software writing session with The mighty Jungulator

I took the 16 speakers installation to Bristol this week end to show it to Matthew Olden AKA I Am The Mighty Jungulator as I need bespoke software for it. Matthew has coded an amazing interface for me and I’m now well on my way to composing music for my 16 speakers prototype. The week end was also a great excuse to get together with my inspiring and fantastic friends Kathy HindeAJ and Ulf Pedersen. Do check out their art, they invent extraordinary things! Shame I didn’t get to see Grainy with whom I made ‘Shuffle Stop, Start, Repeat‘ for Late at Tate.

Ce week end j’ai emporté mon prototype de 16 hauts parleurs a Bristol (2h au nord de Londres) pour le montrer a Matthew Olden de I Am The Mighty Jungulator parce que j’ai besoin d’un logiciel sur-mesure (prêt a clicker?). Matthew m’a créé une interface géniale et j’ai hate de commencer a composer avec. Ce week end a aussi été une excuse pour retrouver mes super amis artistes Kathy HindeAJ et Ulf Pedersen. Je recommande une petite visite sur leurs sites, ils inventent des choses extraordinaires! Dommage que je n’ai pas vu Grainy avec qui j’ai créé ‘Shuffle Stop, Start, Repeat‘ pour la Tate Britain.

Laura B 77 speakers at Olden Hinde Bristol May 2015

About Laura B

Born in France, but now resident in Shoreditch, East London, Laura’s full working moniker is ‘The fantastic Laura B’. Her varied career has included success as an engineer, producer and DJ and well as her achievements in the field of electronica. Laura has performed in Paris, London, Japan, India and the USA. She has worked with a diverse range of artists including Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, Pet Shop Boys, Finley Quaye and the Spice Girls. Laura started making her own music in 2000 and her work has been described as ‘post-chilled’; with its strikingly atmospheric soundscapes and textured breakbeats. Her distinctive brand of elegant, organic electronica may be supremely chilled, but it is always uplifting.
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