Portable 16 way system (some will disapprove! )


Of my use of a perfectly good wine rack but this is for the good cause : a tranportable compact 16 way prototype system for when I need to work on this project in a small space for example when the weather doesn’t allow me to set the big frame outside. (see what it looks like in my previous posts)
This configuration is very useful for judging the response of speakers very close to each other. My 77 speakers system is so far planned to a similar config so I can’wait to hear this in action and I wonder if there will be enough separation between the speakers to clearly distinguish between the different sources.
I spent the last few days soldering and gluing more metal washers on the back of the speakers as quite a few have come undone when I pulled them from the magnetic frame. I did a lot of experimenting with Cubase and Live in order to define exactly which parameters I want to control and how. I think I’ll use Live for the final project because it will allow me to do so much more than a classic time line-based DAW.

I’m loving the comments I’m getting from the few people who have listened to the big system. They come up with ideas for practical applications I haven’t dreamed of! I feel like Banksy did when someone told him that his message with his rats was very clever because RAT is an anagram of ART. He replied ‘ha ha yes you sussed it’ while inside thinking that he’d never thought of it!!

About Laura B

Born in France, but now resident in Shoreditch, East London, Laura’s full working moniker is ‘The fantastic Laura B’. Her varied career has included success as an engineer, producer and DJ and well as her achievements in the field of electronica. Laura has performed in Paris, London, Japan, India and the USA. She has worked with a diverse range of artists including Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, Pet Shop Boys, Finley Quaye and the Spice Girls. Laura started making her own music in 2000 and her work has been described as ‘post-chilled’; with its strikingly atmospheric soundscapes and textured breakbeats. Her distinctive brand of elegant, organic electronica may be supremely chilled, but it is always uplifting.
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