Today I embark on an exciting new project

The Fantastic Laura B-sound art 1

Dear friends and fellow earthlings, Last week I had a dream of a beautiful multi speakers installation, something. of a new type of musical instrument and my mind went wild with ideas. I spent the week researching how to build it and I decided to first build a small prototype to see how things work in the real world. My experience with stereo and surround sound have taught me a great deal about the relationship between speakers but this is a plan on a grand scale!

I have just taken delivery of all materials for the proto, so today is my first foray into the unknown!!

Very excited! xL

Chers amis et co-habitants de la terre,

La semaine derniere j’ai rêvé d’une installation de multiples haut-parleurs, une sorte de nouvel instrument avec lequel je composerais une musique unique en son genre et mon imagination est partie en live! J’ai passé la semaine dernière a rechercher comment la fabriquer et j’ai pris la décision de commencer par construire un prototype pour voir comment les choses se passent en realité. Mon experience de travail en stereo et en surround m’a apris plein de choses sur les rapports entre les haut-parleurs mais la, c’est une autre echelle!

Je viens de prendre livraison a l’instant du materiel necessaire a la construction du prototype et donc aujourd’hui marque le début de mon aventure vers l’inconnu!!

Très excitée!! xL

About Laura B

Born in France, but now resident in Shoreditch, East London, Laura’s full working moniker is ‘The fantastic Laura B’. Her varied career has included success as an engineer, producer and DJ and well as her achievements in the field of electronica. Laura has performed in Paris, London, Japan, India and the USA. She has worked with a diverse range of artists including Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, Pet Shop Boys, Finley Quaye and the Spice Girls. Laura started making her own music in 2000 and her work has been described as ‘post-chilled’; with its strikingly atmospheric soundscapes and textured breakbeats. Her distinctive brand of elegant, organic electronica may be supremely chilled, but it is always uplifting.
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1 Response to Today I embark on an exciting new project

  1. it turns out that the speakers got damaged in the post so take off postponed until further notice, zut!!


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