16th Sept 2016 Live at Les Folies By Extended II, Montpellier, France


I’m back in Montpellier and excited to be playing at the September edition of Les Folies by the excellent PR company Extended. The line up is Laura B on electronics/voice and Olivier Dullion on trumpet, and we’re determined to make this a killer performance!

The event will include an extract from the theatre play Des Couleurs Pour l’Avenir (the preview on YouTube is pretty awesome), a flood of fine wines from the cellars of Chateau de Paraza,  delicious food specially prepared by Mickaël Diore, maitre restaurateur at Montpellier’s distinctive  Grillardin restaurant, and all of this is included in the ticket.

There will be prizes to be won including some Laura B goodies and more…

The location is pretty awesome next to a marina on the road to the beaches and there are plenty of parking spaces.


Je suis enfin de retour a Montpellier et bien excitée de jouer a l’édition de Septembre des Folies d’Extended, une excellente boite de PR de Montpel. Le groupe sera composé de moi Miss B a l’électronique et voix et du magnifique Olivier Dullion a la trompette! Nous sommes décidés a vous offrir une performance de premiere!

A cet événement il y aura un extrait de la piece de theatre Des Couleurs Pour l’Avenir (la preview sur YouTube est super), les vins fins du Chateau de Paraza et un diner cuisiné pour l’occasion par Mickaël Diore, maitre restaurateur au Grillardin, le tout étant inclus dans le prix du billet.

Il y aura des prix a gagner dont des cadeaux de Laura B et autres…

L’endroit est très chouette, c’est a coté d’une marina sur la route des plages et il y a plein de places de parking.

Infos et Billets

Evenement Facebook

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Thank you :) :) :)

My darling dearests, here’s a little Midi a Minuit thought for you (it’s 3 am and coming at you live from the studio): I’ve been mixing all day so to stretch my legs so to speak I’ve just taken a stroll online and various links took me to the Laura B page on discogs where I saw 462 Laura B records for sale. That’s quite a lot so I had a look and guess what? I see compilations I’m featured on, records I’ve engineered or produced, some collaborations and co-writes and some records I mastered but hey 🙂 not one single CD released on Fantastic Recordings. Then I checked Ebay, there’s one Midi a Minuit EP with a knackered cover obviously listed as a collector, then none on Amazon.com nor any on Amazon.co.uk. This makes me think that perhaps you’re all holding onto your copies? And if this is the case, all I can say is thank you and I’m touched by your loyalty, you’re the true stars in my sky 🙂 🙂 🙂

Laura B 3am in the studio

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Hello! I’m in the studio with Fred mixing thursday’s gig at The Rockstore :)

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Laura B interview for BBC Radio 2 ‘History of Chillout’ now on Mixcloud

moments In love

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Set times announced for Zoo bar and Rockstore tomorrow Friday 24 sept in Montpellier


19.00 – 21.00   DJ set at the Zoo bar

23.00 –  Live at the Rockstore

 excited ! 😉

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24TH Sept 2015 Live at Festival 2+2=5 OFF – Soirée Electro au Rockstore, Montpellier, France.

the Fantastic Laura B at 2+2=5 Festival, le Rockstore Montpellier

I am super excited to be playing at the Rockstore on the 24th September with my fantastic musicians Lio Funkenstein on bass and Olivier Dullion on trumpet, these guys are gods!! After us is the most distinguished and knowledgeable DJ Peck who has his finger on the pulse of everything electronic in the south of France (Tohu-Bohu, Radio France, Les Electros d’Uzès, Kolorz, Résonance et Lives au Pont) so expect a quality set from the man himself and we’ll finish the party off with the invincible Techno DJ Kosme who blew me away at Tohu-Bohu in July!! NOT TO BE MISSED!!! 🙂 🙂  Thank you to Luc Nicolas (Festival 2+2=5), Michel Demelas (ACORD Production) and the Rockstore to have kept this event free of admission for everybody!! YAY!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Je suis super excitée de jouer le 24 septembre au Rockstore avec les fantastiques musiciens Lio Funkenstein a la basse et Olivier Dullion a la trompette, ce sont des dieux!! Apres nous le grand DJ Peck chope les platines, il connait tout ce qui se passe et se fait dans le monde de l’electro dans le sud de la France (il programme aussi les festivals Tohu-Bohu, Radio France, Les Electros d’Uzès, Kolorz, Résonance et Lives au Pont) donc attendons nous a un set très éclectique et de qualité, puis pour finir la soirée en beauté nous avons l’incroyable DJ Kosme dans un set techno avec une énergie jamais vue! SUPER SOIREE EN PERSPECTIVE!!! Un grand merci a Luc Nicolas (Festival 2+2=5), Michel Demelas (ACORD Production) et au Rockstore pour garder cette géniale soirée gratuite pour tous!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Live in Sete, July 2015

Olivier Dullion-Trumpet+effects
Lio Funkenstein-Bass+effects
Video by Veronique Rouvel
Filmed at La praia private beach in Sete, July 15 2015

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ETRE BIEN AVEC SOI Festival 14,15,16 & 17 May 2015, Cevennes mountains in the south of France

The Fantastic Laura B @ Etre Bien Avec SoiVery excited to be headlining this special shamen festival on the saturday night, the ‘program’ is very unusual in that it consists of many shamen and healers coming from all over the world to share their knowledge with people like you and me. It should be a very international affair. Lots of nice things like massages etc. included in the admission price, Ryanair flights to Nimes still available and cheap! The weather is fantastic and the setting is pretty idyllic too!

Online tickets available here or just turn up anytime from the 8th onwards. All infos here

Tres impatiente de participer a ce festival Shaman ceweek end dans les Cevennes! Il y aura des shamanes venus du monde entier pour partager leurs connaissances avec nous. Ça devrait donc être un festival très international. ,assagis etc… inclus dans le prix d’admission, les vols Ryanair sur Nimes sont toujours dispo et peu chers 🙂 Il fait beau et le cadre est magnifique!

Vente de billets en ligne ici ou bien tout simplement venez a partir du 8 Mai. Toutes les infos sont ici

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Multi-speakers installation travels to Bristol for a software writing session with The mighty Jungulator

I took the 16 speakers installation to Bristol this week end to show it to Matthew Olden AKA I Am The Mighty Jungulator as I need bespoke software for it. Matthew has coded an amazing interface for me and I’m now well on my way to composing music for my 16 speakers prototype. The week end was also a great excuse to get together with my inspiring and fantastic friends Kathy HindeAJ and Ulf Pedersen. Do check out their art, they invent extraordinary things! Shame I didn’t get to see Grainy with whom I made ‘Shuffle Stop, Start, Repeat‘ for Late at Tate.

Ce week end j’ai emporté mon prototype de 16 hauts parleurs a Bristol (2h au nord de Londres) pour le montrer a Matthew Olden de I Am The Mighty Jungulator parce que j’ai besoin d’un logiciel sur-mesure (prêt a clicker?). Matthew m’a créé une interface géniale et j’ai hate de commencer a composer avec. Ce week end a aussi été une excuse pour retrouver mes super amis artistes Kathy HindeAJ et Ulf Pedersen. Je recommande une petite visite sur leurs sites, ils inventent des choses extraordinaires! Dommage que je n’ai pas vu Grainy avec qui j’ai créé ‘Shuffle Stop, Start, Repeat‘ pour la Tate Britain.

Laura B 77 speakers at Olden Hinde Bristol May 2015

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Portable 16 way system (some will disapprove! )


Of my use of a perfectly good wine rack but this is for the good cause : a tranportable compact 16 way prototype system for when I need to work on this project in a small space for example when the weather doesn’t allow me to set the big frame outside. (see what it looks like in my previous posts)
This configuration is very useful for judging the response of speakers very close to each other. My 77 speakers system is so far planned to a similar config so I can’wait to hear this in action and I wonder if there will be enough separation between the speakers to clearly distinguish between the different sources.
I spent the last few days soldering and gluing more metal washers on the back of the speakers as quite a few have come undone when I pulled them from the magnetic frame. I did a lot of experimenting with Cubase and Live in order to define exactly which parameters I want to control and how. I think I’ll use Live for the final project because it will allow me to do so much more than a classic time line-based DAW.

I’m loving the comments I’m getting from the few people who have listened to the big system. They come up with ideas for practical applications I haven’t dreamed of! I feel like Banksy did when someone told him that his message with his rats was very clever because RAT is an anagram of ART. He replied ‘ha ha yes you sussed it’ while inside thinking that he’d never thought of it!!

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