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First radio play for ‘The Music Will Break Thru Anyway’ Thank you Shane Quentin/CRMK.CO.UK!

That was exciting and fun 🙂 I just listened to the first airing of ‘The Music Will Break Thru Anyway’ going out live on Shane Quentin’s Garden of Earthly Delights radio show on crmk.co.uk. I guess the week end starts now

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Laura B Nr 4 in Reverbnation’s Electronica charts in London

The Fantastic Laura B number 4 in London’s Electronica charts in London on Reverbnation


Je suis numéro 4 au hit parade Electronique à Londres sur le site ReverbNation


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‘The Music Will Break Thru Anyway’ released today!


For 2 months now I have been asking myself ‘How can I be in peace in the studio when bombs are dropping off a couple of borders from here? What role am I playing in this? What can I do to help stopping this aberration? And then the answer came:

‘The music will break thru anyway. We defend our freedom, to live, to love, to sound. On our land we’re fighting Russia which brings horrible silence with its bombs. Fill the silence with your music, fill it today. To tell our story, tell the truth about war on your social networks on tv. Support us in any way you can, anything but not silence. And then peace will come’

These are Volodymyr Zelensky’s incredibly touching words spoken at the Grammy Awards 19 days ago. They went straight to my heart. This track is dedicated to him.

‘The Music Will Break Thru Anyway’ is out today on Fantastic Recordings, available on Bandcamp and all digital platforms.

Click the picture to listen


Depuis deux mois je me pose des questions: ‘Comment puis-je être en paix dans mon studio quand je sais que des bombes tombent à deux frontieres d’ici? Est ce que j’ai un rôle à jouer dans cette histoire? Comment puis-je arrêter cette abbération?’ Puis la réponse est arrivée:

‘La musique percera de toute façon. Nous défendons notre liberté de vivre, d’aimer, d’emettre du son. Sur nos terres nous combattons la Russie qui apporte un silence horrible avec ses bombes. Remplissez le silence avec votre musique, remplissez-le aujourd’hui. Pour raconter notre histoire, pour dire la vérité à propos de la guerre sur vos réseaux sociaux et à la télé. Donnez-nous votre support de quelque façon que ce soit, de n’importe quelle façon, mais pas le silence. Et la paix viendra.’

Ce sont les paroles du Président Volodymyr Zelensky, prononcées il y a 19 jours lors des Grammy Awards. Elles me sont allées droit au coeur. Ce morceau de musique lui est dédié.

‘The Music Will Break Thru Anyway’ sort aujourd’hui chez Fantastic Recordings, disponible sur Bandcamp et sur les plateformes numériques.

Cliquez sur la photo pour écouter

‘Her textured atmospherica and lush cinematica recalls Aphex Twin circa the historic Selected Ambient Works, layers of synthesized vocals and sounds billowing across the stereo range’ The Guardian

A unique talent in the ascendant. Fly by night.’ The Big Chill

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Day -1

Day -1 !! Tomorrow my new track drops everywhere and I’m impatient and very happy to be sharing it with you. Sharing is everything 🙂 By posting here I’m not asking you to buy it, I’m not trying to manipulate you to do anything, I’m only sharing my excitement for a new understanding I have of life, a new us, to share with you my dream of a much kinder world and to celebrate this superfun ride that life is!

Now if you insist, you can always pre-save the track in Spotify here that way you can sit back, relax and the music will come to you as if by (digitalonlinealgorhyhmicbots) magic 🙂

Have a fun day!

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Single Preview

Today I made a preview for you, only 2 days to go!

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‘The Music Will Break Thru Anyway’ out 22 / 04 / 22

Hello!!! I’m back ! After a few years of doing other things than releasing music I’m back on track with a new single ‘The Music Will Break Thru Anyway’. I’m releasing it digitally on Fantastic Recordings and on all digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon etc. I’ve been working on this for a few weeks now and I’m excited to say the least! This track features Volodymyr Zelensky speaking about 10 days ago at the Grammy Awards, he said beautiful words about music that really touched me. I’ll tell you the full story in another post.

speak soon!

If you click on the picture you can add this track to your Spotify playlist and the music will be there on Friday. It’s free, it’s good for me and you’ll be the first ones to hear it!

Hello!!! Je suis de retour! Apres quelques années passées à faire d’autres choses que de sortir ma musique je suis de retour sur mes rails avec un nouveau morceau ‘The Music Will Break Thru Anyway’. Il sort en digital sur Fantastic Recordings et toutes les plateformes en ligne comme Spotify, Apple music, Amazon etc. Je travaille dessus depuis plusieurs semaines et là je suis excitée! Ce morceau sort avec la voix de Volodymyr Zelensky qui a parlé il y a une dizaine de jours lors des Grammy Awards. Il a eu des paroles magnifiques sur la musique qui me sont allées droit au coeur. Je vous raconterai toute l’histoire dans un autre post.

A très vite!

En cliquant sur l’image vous pouvez deja l’ajouter à votre library Spotify et la musique sera là ce jeudi. C’est gratuit, c’est bon pour moi et vous serez les premiers à l’écouter!

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16th Sept 2016 Live at Les Folies By Extended II, Montpellier, France


I’m back in Montpellier and excited to be playing at the September edition of Les Folies by the excellent PR company Extended. The line up is Laura B on electronics/voice and Olivier Dullion on trumpet, and we’re determined to make this a killer performance!

The event will include an extract from the theatre play Des Couleurs Pour l’Avenir (the preview on YouTube is pretty awesome), a flood of fine wines from the cellars of Chateau de Paraza,  delicious food specially prepared by Mickaël Diore, maitre restaurateur at Montpellier’s distinctive  Grillardin restaurant, and all of this is included in the ticket.

There will be prizes to be won including some Laura B goodies and more…

The location is pretty awesome next to a marina on the road to the beaches and there are plenty of parking spaces.


Je suis enfin de retour a Montpellier et bien excitée de jouer a l’édition de Septembre des Folies d’Extended, une excellente boite de PR de Montpel. Le groupe sera composé de moi Miss B a l’électronique et voix et du magnifique Olivier Dullion a la trompette! Nous sommes décidés a vous offrir une performance de premiere!

A cet événement il y aura un extrait de la piece de theatre Des Couleurs Pour l’Avenir (la preview sur YouTube est super), les vins fins du Chateau de Paraza et un diner cuisiné pour l’occasion par Mickaël Diore, maitre restaurateur au Grillardin, le tout étant inclus dans le prix du billet.

Il y aura des prix a gagner dont des cadeaux de Laura B et autres…

L’endroit est très chouette, c’est a coté d’une marina sur la route des plages et il y a plein de places de parking.

Infos et Billets

Evenement Facebook

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Thank you :) :) :)

My darling dearests, here’s a little Midi a Minuit thought for you (it’s 3 am and coming at you live from the studio): I’ve been mixing all day so to stretch my legs so to speak I’ve just taken a stroll online and various links took me to the Laura B page on discogs where I saw 462 Laura B records for sale. That’s quite a lot so I had a look and guess what? I see compilations I’m featured on, records I’ve engineered or produced, some collaborations and co-writes and some records I mastered but hey 🙂 not one single CD released on Fantastic Recordings. Then I checked Ebay, there’s one Midi a Minuit EP with a knackered cover obviously listed as a collector, then none on Amazon.com nor any on Amazon.co.uk. This makes me think that perhaps you’re all holding onto your copies? And if this is the case, all I can say is thank you and I’m touched by your loyalty, you’re the true stars in my sky 🙂 🙂 🙂

Laura B 3am in the studio

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Hello! I’m in the studio with Fred mixing thursday’s gig at The Rockstore :)

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