Fri 7th Nov: The Fantastic Laura B – Rolo McGinty’s London Woodentops – The Department – Live at The Hope and Anchor, Islington

the Fantastic Laura B live Peyrou tweek2Classic London-style gig in this legendary punk/rock venue featuring THE FANTASTIC LAURA B (Chill/electronica), ROLO MCGINTY’s London branch of the WOODENTOPS (full-on indie/pop) and THE DEPARTMENT (new wave electro-synth dance).


Laura B:


Rolo McGinty:


The Department:


THE HOPE AND ANCHOR 207 Upper St London NI 1RL

Nearest tube: Highbury & Islington

Bus routes: Day: 4, 19, 30, 43, 153, 393
24 hours: 43, 271 & 277

This is the legendary and iconic Hope and Anchor in Islington who has hosted some of the best punk and rock gigs London has ever had.


There will be a CD stall for you to get current / latest / pre releases directly from the artists

Doors open 8pm, admission £5 inclusive of complimentary music download vouchers (courtesy of Bancamp and the artists)


All welcome!

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Time, space and the awesomeness of chillout

the-beach-at-the-beach AntiguaAfter today’s play with reverbs and delays, I am overwhelmed with calm and beauty. Tomorrow’s gig at Vinyl is gonna be superchilled…
L’espace, le temps et le silence sont remplis de calme et de beauté. Mon concert demain a Vinyl va etre superzen…




4 Tanners Hill





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Laura B – ‘The Fantastic Mix part 1′ is 87th in the Chill chart on Mixcloud

Laura B 87 in the chill chart on mixcloud

click the picture to listen

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Fete de la Musique a Montpellier 21 Juin 2014

Fete de la Musique a Montpellier 21 Juin 2014

45 minutes de pure Techno/Electro a la Laura B, live and direct avec un son énorme devant une foule de 8 000 personnes. Retrouvez toutes les photos sur et sur
Merci a Charly Scratch de Montpellier pour sa dexterité aux platines!

45 mins of live and direct pure Techno/Electro Laura B-style, with a huge sound system and 8 000 people. Check and for more photos.
Big up DJ Charly Scratch from Montpellier for joining in on the fun!

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‘Elle Sait Ou Elle Va’ YouTube video

‘Elle Sait Ou Elle Va’ by BJ Cole and Laura B
From the BJ Cole LP ‘Trouble in Paradise’

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Vue du studio ce matin

Vue du studio ce matin

It’s a lovey day here in Montpellier and I’m loving the sunshine in the studio so I’m taking a quick picture while listening to Neil Conti’s super cool sample CD :-) If only every work day was like this! The 808 and the rest have never seen the sun before ;) and except for a quick stint in Greece working on Pete Lawrence’s LP a few years ago, I’ve never felt the heat of the sun in the studio!

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Magic moments nr2: the graffiti :-)

While having a cigarette outside the Red Loft today I noticed the graffiti on the door! Steve says that it has been there for a few weeks now. What a coincidence!! :-)

Graffiti on the Red Loft's door

Graffiti on the Red Loft’s door

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Magic moments nr1: the fortune cookie!

Preparations are underway at the Red Loft, and while we’re setting up the stage I casually chew on a fortune cookie, here is what it says:


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When I woke up this morninnnng…

I saw Mount Washington under LA’s blue ska-ee-y! (this was 2 days ago actually I only just got the hang of this camera). I was staying at my wunderbar friends Pierre and Kirsty in Glassell Park in North East LA and in the morning, this was the view from the breakfast table. How lucky are they from a scale of 1 to 10 millions?



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Laura B live on ‘In a Dream’ with Mystic Pete KXLU 88.9FM LA Nov 2013


I flew to LA last friday and on saturday I was playing live on KXLU 88.9 FM (one of Los Angeles’ most music friendly college radio) on a midnight to 2am show called ‘In a Dream’ as guest of the wonderful, super funny and totally entertaining character that is Mystic Pete. Now I have done interviews and/or played live on the radio before (Resonnance FM, BBC Radio 3, Big Chill FM etc.) but this ‘session’ was definitely one to remember for its buzzing, slightly chaotic and totally fun vibe! I played about one and a half hours of old and new material including a couple of remixes and everything felt right.

There were 3 photographers in the studio with us so for once I have pictures!


A big thank you to Mystic Pete for everything Mystic Pete does, including inviting me on his show, telling the future and holding the sunshine in Los Angeles for me, it worked!!


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